As I continue to raise my children, I have been fortunately gifted with the opportunity to see vasts amount of wonder and love through their eyes. And as I meander through their younger years by their side, I’ve come to see their innocence as but a flicker of pure creativity- a golden light before being abruptly taken over by reason and societal pressures. And so as to define and hopefully preserve these moments, I have enduringly referred to them as The Goldn Years. Journey with me as I explore motherhood and the unrestrained creativity in childhood.


As I continue to learn and adjust to the teaching of young creative minds, it’s become evident to me in the lack of cultural experiences we as adults expose the younger generation to. Creating a passion invigorated with respect and appreciation for the arts for children is something that I heavily invest in, and here you can find all our adventures. My hope is to further this cause with the use of the term “The Goldn Movement”, a communicative term to celebrate in sharing of the arts with all. Let’s cultivate creativity.

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I truly believe that everyone is an artist. Whether that be with words, music, or your hands, everyone has the ability to create. Now, it might not turn out like a masterpiece, but the world has gained something special because of your creation. Here I’ve put together some art DIYs and useful tips to get your creative juices going.


Interested in purchasing some of my latest artwork? There are plenty of ways to get your hands on an original or print of my work. Workshops, life drawing sessions, ready to ship pieces and commissions will be found here.

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