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This motherhood blog & art shop encourages comments. I hope that you will engage with your fellow readers and add to the conversation.

Before commenting please note the following terms of use for commenting.

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Moderation of Comments.

In order to keep the conversations going in a positive direction, and to prevent spam and inappropriate content, I have the right to delete or alter comments if the deemed unfit as listed in the unacceptable uses. All comments are read and moderated by myself, Chalie Howes. These are the rules to which I moderate.

  1. Any comments which are not relevant to the main post or earlier comments, will be deleted in order to keep the subject on topic. If you have any questions, concerns or interests in information unrelated to the topic being discussed, I would love to here from you through my Lets Chat page.
  2. A link to your own blog or web-site is fine provided it is in contextor is given as part of a genuine comment, for example by way of identifying the author. Blatant advertising however will be deleted.
  3. I will also delete any comments which I consider will or might be offensiveto readers, or which could contravene any libel or other relevant legislation.
  4. Offensive and/or personal comments about other people commentingon a post will be deleted – this is a safe and uplifting community and any form of bullying will not be tolerated.

Thank you for keeping the conversation going and being respectful to all engaged parties.

-Chalie Howes, curator of GOLDNgrasses

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