Bees Are Buzzing + Flowers Are Blooming: 5 Garden Must Haves For Gardening With Kids

Gardening, you either love it or hate it. And when I was first married, I definitely felt like the later. I loathed it. Mostly because I had no idea what I was doing, and the massive variety of plants was not only overwhelming but daunting.

Fast forward ten years, a few experiments, and some helpful gardening magazines, I can now say I’m a garden enthusiast! In fact, it’s a huge passion of mine, and a continuation of my artistic side. But now with three kids, I’m finding it a little difficult to find the time to get back in the dirt.



So one way I’m resolving this, is by encouraging my children to become gardener’s themselves. Did you know kids are the best weeders?! Good for your back and good for the garden! haha

So this month, I decided to take it one step further by gathering 5 Garden Must Haves for Gardening with Kids. In this post, you’ll find useful tools and garments perfect for gardening with kids with most of the items coming from my favorite local kitchen store – Yes Chef. Follow along with this month’s edition of #YesChefFavorites as we adventure outside!

Gardening Essential: A Sturdy Hand Woven Basket

One of my absolute gardening essentials is a sturdy and large hand woven basket. A perk of my garden is all the beautiful blooms it produces throughout the year. Seasonal bouquets constantly refresh my home, and the best way to transfer those precious blooms from garden to table is through the use of a hand woven basket. This one in particular that I picked up from Yes Chef is super sturdy and able to stand up by itself. A huge plus when your cutting blooms and don’t have an extra hand to hold the basket.

When looking through Yes Chef’s large selection or your favorite thrift store, make sure you look for a basket that is as study as this one. Meaning it stands by itself, and the tops don’t flop in on itself. It would be so devastating to have gone through all the trouble of picking your harvest to only get inside and find your blooms bruised and lifeless.

One other tip for choosing this garden essential is the opening of the basket. Make sure it’s roomy. If you have a smaller opening at the top of your basket you’re going to run into the same problem as mentioned above, bruised lifeless blooms.

Tip: Make sure you cut your flowers in the morning or evening when the sun is less intense, and bring them inside immediately. It’s incredible how quickly a flower can fade in the summer heat.

Looking for some great kitchen shear to cut your flowers? Make sure you read: My Mama Says: 4 Most Essential Kitchen Gadgets


Gardening Essential for Kids: A Kid’s Linen Apron

This one has been on my purchase list for awhile. A breathable, easy to clean and ethically made kid’s linen apron. Made locally by Little Thyme Apparel, you can find this gardening essential for kids in the children’s section of Yes Chef.

Evelyn was so excited to put on her very own kid’s linen apron! Just look at her face when she stuffed her pockets full of blooms! Not only did this give her a sense of independence as she had her “own” garden essentials, but it kept the dirt to a minimum when we went inside.

And with no strings to tie in the back, she’ll soon be able to slip this kid’s linen apron on and off with ease all by herself. Now, all I need is to get one for myself!

This piece is ethically made with 100% linen and produced locally by two lovely ladies in the Fraser Valley. And while the price might be higher than what you’d traditionally pay for a kid’s garment that is made to be dirty, I want to remind you to treat it like a heirloom piece. Something that’s not meant to be tossed away quickly, but rather treasured for years and years to come. And perhaps even passed onto the next generation. Just think of all the adventure to be had and told.

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Gardening With Kids: An Adventure With Minimocs Voyagers

Speaking of adventures, we recently just got back from our Alberta road trip. And one kid’s essential that we used on the road, and now in the garden are our Minimoc Voyagers. Made with recyclable material, and a self-expandable ankle they are the perfect shoe for independent adventure.

Easy to slip on and go, I didn’t even have to help Evelyn get ready to go outside with these Minimoc Voyagers. Worried these beauties are going to get dirty? No problem they are easy peasy to wash by popping them in the washer on cold and then laying them out to air dry.

Your kids will have no problem going from driveway to grass to dirt in these stylish kids shoes from Minimoc. Looking for the perfect garden shoe for yourself? I absolutely love my Natives. Made with EVA construction (still not sure what that means lol) but they have a super lightweight rubber feel that doesn’t hold oder and is easily washed. Meaning my perfect garden shoe that’s also perfect for the beach or any outdoor activity where water and dirt are involved.

The Perfect Garden Essential For A Busy Kid Who Wants to Be Helpful: A Vegetable Brush

Why I haven’t thought of this kid’s garden activity before baffles me? Maybe it’s because I didn’t have this incredible Vegetable Brush!

Kid’s love playing in water, so why not turn the chore of cleaning your vegetables into a game? You pull out your vegetables from the dirt and now you have the task of getting them all clean before eat them. You have already gone through so much work, so why not hand your kid’s a pale of water + the Vegetable Brush and put them to work.

They cool off with some splashes of water, learn a new skill, and you get clean produce. Sounds like a triple win to me! I’ve also heard that when kid’s are involved in a vegetable garden they are more likely to eat them when it comes to dinner time!

Looking for more kid’s activities? Make sure you check out my #CreativeReadoftheMonth project. Last month we learned all about Bees with my DIY Bee Artwork craft with free printable.

From Garden to Table: Locally Made Hummus Spice Blend

Speaking of eating your veggies, you and your kid’s are absolutely going to LOVE this Hummus Spice Blend by Spiceworks. Made with top ingredients and love from Surrey, BC this local spice company takes cooking flavourfully to a whole new level.

So tired of buying store bought hummus, I new I had to give this a try when I saw it at Yes Chef. And guys, I was blown away. It’s going to be a product I buy over and over again. There really is no reason to not create this healthy dish for your family. And do you see those beets there? Those are the ones Evelyn washed off for me!

This Hummus Spice Blend comes with three separate packs so you can enjoy it on multiple occasions. Can you really think of a better way to enjoy your favorite home grown produce?

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5 Garden Essentials for Gardening With Kids: #YesChefFavorites

Well there you have it, 5 Garden Essentials to get your kid’s helping in the garden. Not only did I find we had less complaining when we took these items from Yes Chef and Minimoc outside, but we truly made some precious memories. I think it’s going to be even easier from now on to get my kid’s to help in the garden.

So what are you waiting for? Shop these garden essentials today! They’d even make a unique and adorable birthday bundle for that special someone! Like always, feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments section. Do you have a favorite garden essential we didn’t mention here? And tag #YesChefFavorites when you shop at Yes Chef in downtown Abbotsford.

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

This post was sponsored by Yes Chef.

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