Stuck on Your Kid’s Room Decor? Try These 5 Easy Ways to Create an Inspiring Kid’s Room

Let’s get down to it shall we! Because if you’ve landed on this post, that means your most likely a mom or a dad, and time is precious! So I’ve put together 5 easy ways to create an inspiring kid’s room. No theme, just 5 children’s room design tips that can be incorporated into any room. Ready? Let’s GO!


#1. Have a Focal Wall ( or two) 

Children’s room design tips don’t have to stray far from the traditional design do’s and dont’s. Choosing a focal wall helps ground the space, while saying a big “hello”. I chose to keep it clean, traditional and grounding for this inspiring kid’s room focal wall. Why? Well, you’ll soon see the other side of the room! Lot’s of going on. So by keeping the color palette muted and design simple, i think this argyle pattern gives this room a nice balance.

Tip: Don’t paint this design like I did! Big mistake! It took me so long to get the calculations right, it would have been much simpler to put up a similar wallpaper

If you are going to have a dramatic focal wall. Keep your bed linens simple. These stark white sheets with a pop of orange stand out nicely against the grey argyle.


This focal wall has been up for the past 6 years. To give it a face lift, I added these simple and modern gold dots from Feeling It Decals. In just thirty minutes, I transformed this focal wall into something truly spectacular! Try adding decals, wallpaper or paint to make your focal wall stand out.


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#2. Bring Life to Your Inspiring Kid’s Room with Greenery

Bring that green indoors! Indoor plants are all the rage, and it’s no surprise as to why. They not only brighten a grey PNW day, but they have incredible air purifying capabilities.


We choose this adorable planter from CLT Home Foliage Collective to add some greenery, sparkle and responsiblity to Charles’ room! Not only does this Aloe Gold Hoop Planter act as a great piece of decor for this children’s room design, but it gives our child the opportunity to show some responsibly by taking care of something.

So far he’s loving his new “pet” and dotes on it constantly! The Aloe plant was a great recommendation from CLT as it’s not as light sensitive as other indoor plants and easy to maintain. It’s the perfect plant for inspiring kid’s rooms that keep the blinds closed for most of the day.



#3. Gallery Wall

Alright, so I might just be a little gallery wall obsessed, but come on! This gallery wall is killer! Wall to wall, floor to ceiling of crazy inspiring artwork, nick-nacks and do-das.


How can you create an inspiring kid’s room gallery wall? Well, be patient. Don’t just go to Target or Ikea and pick out every piece of wall art. Take time and curate your gallery wall. Know what inspires your child, and then when you find an item that resinates with them or you, buy it and tuck it away.

I know this isn’t a quick children’s room design tip, but it will make all the difference in the final reveal. By carefully selecting items that speak to your child and illustrate their passions, your gallery wall will not only be a great focal wall, but it will act as a time capsule of their childhood.



We used lots of our own artwork for this gallery wall! Did you know that I create my abstract paintings with my kids? You can shop and check them out here.

#4. Using More Than Just Photos For Your Gallery Wall

That’s right, don’t just use photos. Hang their favourite artwork, instrument, sculpture…. there are so many interesting items your child loves, use them! Do they have a favourite car or baby blanket? Hang a basket and use it as a shelf!



Get creative here. Creating an inspiring kid’s room sometimes takes creating something that you can’t find at the store! Try making one of our #CreativeReadoftheMonth crafts to hang in your gallery wall.

One item that I’m absolutely loving by their bedside is K’Pure’s Dream Catcher Spray. Filled with calming essential oils, your little one will drift off to dreamland in no time.


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#5. Change Out Fixtures

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s such an easy way to up your children’s room design on a budget. In just a few minutes, your dresser can look completely new by adding in some modern handles.



Changing out the light fixture not only can add more light to your inspiring kid’s room, but add another element of design. Look for great deals on Facebook Marketplace and consignment stores. We found this great wicker light at Homesense!

Well there you have it, 5 Easy Ways to Create an Inspiring Kid’s Room. I hope you found some helpful tips and inspiring photos. Before I forget, I want to tell you it’s totally ok not to have a theme for your children’s room design! Not only will this save you money in the long run from having to redecorate every time they change interests, but it also grows with your child. This inspiring kid’s room will easily translate into a teenagers room. Oh boy… let’s hope that doesn’t come to soon!

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Pin these images for quick children’s room design tips, scroll below for room details!

Inspiring Kid’s Room Details

Epoxy Resin Paintings- GOLDNgrasses

Aloe Gold Hoop Planter- CLT Home Foliage Collective

Gold Circle Decals- Feeling it Decals

Dream Catcher Spray- K’Pure Naturals

Space Porcelain Vase- Three Corners Artisan

Moon & Pom Pom Wall Hanging- Saige & Skye X Three Corners Artisan

Artwork & Antiques- Spruce Collective

Brass Water Can- Bureaux Modern Mercantile

Linens & Light Fixture- Homesense

Dresser Hardware- Lowes

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