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There’s nothing quite like jetting off on a vacation. But leaving home without a few vacation essentials can leave your time away a little less comfortable and luxurious. And no one wants that! So before we had set off on our latest adventure to Southern Asia, I wanted to make sure we had everything covered. There were going to be long flights, a tropical climate, day tours, nice dinners, and oh ya…. a lot of dirty laundry!

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without these 15 vacation essentials! They not only made my vacation easier, but so much more enjoyable! Not to mention a few were gifted as little surprises to my husband in excitement for the trip. 


15 Vacation Essentials Every Traveler Wants & Needs





Has it really already been two weeks since this amazing vacation?! One ticket back please! I’m craving some more Thai food and sweet kisses from some elephants. But enough day dreaming, I’m sure your dying to know what 15 vacation essentials every traveler wants & needs! So let’s start right at the beginning. The flight.

I don’t know about you, but taking a flight without kids is a vacation in itself! It’s an extremely rare occurrence to travel without them, so I wanted to make sure my vacation started right when I stepped foot onto that Boeing. That being said, these next items were a must have in my carry on.




Carry On Vacation Essentials

Flights, they’re uncomfortable. Thirteen hour flights… they’re just torture! These vacation essentials are a must have on any flight.

TruWellness | Jet Lag Roller + Diffuser Necklace




So before my trip even began I started using a jet lag essential oil blend called Traveler from TruWellness. Covenantally bottled in a roller, it’s so easy to apply and re apply, and re apply… and re apply…. you get the picture! I wanted to make sure any yucky feeling of jet lag was left back in Vancouver.  Essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and more, supply a sense of calmness, energy and an overall sense of well being.


I even found on days I was sluggish, a little TruWellness pick me up was all I need get some pip back in my step. And their stylish diffuser necklace was not only a cute fashion statement, but allowed me to wear the essential oil blend even longer.



Here I’m wearing the Sesame Jasper, Labradorite and Lava set. Now this diffuser necklace is not only a vacation essential, but a staple piece for everyday.

Strings & Things | 100% Cotton Crocheted His + Hers Eye Masks

After you’ve settled into your flight, I’m sure the first thing on your mind (besides food , cause come on) is to catch up some good zzzz’s. But how many times have you be prematurely woken up because of a noisy neighbor or to much light. Now I can’t help you with the noisy neighbor. Maybe offer them some of your Traveler Roller 😉 might just knock them right out! But I can help you with the uncomfortable light streaming in. Strings & Things 100% cotton eye masks were not only cloud-like to wear, but they offered the dimness my eyes were so desperately craving.



And because they are hand crocheted, I did’nt have to worry about any pesky elastic or plastic poking me in uncomfortable spots. Even my husband thought they were fantastic!

When your in places like Bali, of course you want to take a nap or two outside! These cotton eye mask came in handy once again! You can even make one with her free eye mask pattern, a great stocking stuffer idea!

Só Luxury | Muscle Salve + Mini Magnesium Oil Spray



So you have your comfy eye mask, but is that tiny chair pressing into you in all the wrongs spots? I thought so. That’s why I made sure I packed my Só Luxury Muscle Salve and Mini Magnesium Oil spray.

Those achy muscles were nothing against this all natural muscle salve! And I’m so happy this brand makes a travel size for their mag oil. I use this almost nightly as home, so there was no way I wasn’t going to bring it on my two week vacation! Nope, not a chance.

K’pure | Keep Going Spray

You’ve arrived and your feeling pretty crappy, so you pull out your trusty sidekick of K’Pure Keep Going Spray! A blend of lemon and spearmint, it literally gives that little energizer bunny going. Not to mention its a great refresher for your face after the dry climate of the airplane. Use it as a toner or refreshing spritz, you’ll have this in your carry on and your day pack.



Fashion + Beauty Vacation Essentials

You’ve made it to your destination and now its time to explore in style. These vacation essentials will make sure your fashion and beauty is on point in any culture.


Bella Wren | One Stop Shop for Fashion Apparel + Accessories

When you can get a multitude of vacation essentials in one place, I call that a fashion win! Now what do fashionable vacation essentials look like? How about a Mini Matt + Nat Backpack, Maui Jim Sunglasses, and Jenny Bird Earrings?!



Yes, I got them all at Bella Wren! And I honestly don’t know why I bothered packing anything else! I think I wore these items almost everyday! So easy to pair with outfits, these items acted as the perfect feminine neutrals my wardrobe needed. Not to mention the quality of the backpack, sunglasses and earrings is exceptional!

When your traveling abroad, the last thing you want is for your wardrobe to malfunction and fall apart. They even withstood a double elephant smooch! I must say, I was highly impressed with the selection of fashion and beauty at Bella Wren in downtown historic Langley. Don’t be surprised if you catch me strolling through their shop pretty soon! And did I mention they carry K’Pure?! I told you it’s the one stop shop for vacation essentials.


True Products | Fig + Flora Perfume Roller

I love to smell good, doesn’t everyone?! But I don’t always like to use perfumes from big brands that include chemicals. Especially with little ones around. So when I came across True Products Essential oil Perfume Rollers I immediately got on board!


There’s nothing like smelling like the beautiful tropical place your visiting! Their Fig + Flora Roller was the perfect fragrant combo of fig, coconut milk and caramelized brown sugar. If I close my eyes I can still imagine myself with my feet in our private pool overlooking the Indian Ocean and smelling of those heavenly scents.



And now that we are home, it’s like I took Southern Asia home with me! I’ve been applying it daily, and my little girl even asks for her perfume. It’s just way too cute! And of course I say yes, because I know exactly what’s in this vacation essential. Only good natural ingredients!

Beautiful Bright Smile | Travel Teeth Whitening Kit

I drink wine on vacation. It’s vacation! Of course I’m going to have a glass while I listen to the waves come in! Unfortunately, my teeth don’t agree with me. So finding a travel teeth whitening kit was important to me. I want those pearly white to shine in all our vacation photo spam!



This kit by Beautiful Bright Smile was so simple to use and dare I say fashionable? lol We can’t always look glamours I suppose.


It’s compact kit comes with a whitening pen, cheek retractor, LED light, paper straw, and peppermint chapstick. Everything you need to get that smile nice and cheery. Not to mention it only takes 10 – 20 minutes for each application. I would apply this vacation essential and then lounge outside while I sketched or wrote down memories. Even on vacation, I’m looking to multitask! This kit is also so light weight, you will have no problem packing it in your suitcase!

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Day Trip Vacation Essentials

If your not taking advantage of the culture around you than shame on you! Get out there and explore! These day trip vacation essentials are perfect for on the go excursions around the globe.


Little Rock Garden | Bug Buffer Natural Insect Repellent

No one wants to be itching and itching from nasty bugs or smelling like harsh chemicals in a beautiful environment. So everyone needs a natural bug repellent that does the job and keeps those nasty pests away.




Little Rock Garden’s Bug Buffer uses a blend of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and tea tree essential oil to put a natural protecting barrier on yourself, your kids and your pets. Make sure to spray outdoors as this insect repellent has a strong smell for the first minute after spraying. But afterwords you’ll mind will be free from worry and your body free from bites!



Being in a tropical climate in Southwest Asia, the mosquitos were a definite concern, not only for the bothersome itch they bring, but also for the diseases. Make sure you stay safe on your travels and use this vacation essential.


Vosk Beeswax Products | Reusable Food Wraps

I’m sure your starting to see a common theme here. Natural products that are good for you and our environment. When we travel it’s not only important to appreciate the location where we are visiting, but respect it as well.



Making right food choices and choosing the right containers are part of making respectful and conscious decisions to keep our planet healthy. Using reusable food wraps was one way I could make sure the places I was visiting were kept free of any excess waste. Not to mention, it helped me pack healthy snack on our day trips! Including to the elephant nursery we visited in Chang Mai, Thailand.

Packing dried mango in my Vosk Beeswax food wrap was the perfect option for our six hour adventure. It kept my food dry and fresh, and when I was finished I folded it right back up for next time. Now that we are back home, this vacation essential has turned into an everyday essential. My kids love uses them for the school snacks!



Take Care Vacation Essentials

Even when your on vacation there are certain things you still need to take care of. And that includes all your dirty underwear and your body.


Flourish Essentials | DōTerra DigestZen Softgels

Sorry for the personal information, but I did not manage to dodge tummy troubles while on our travel holiday. In fact, it started from day one and continued for almost a week. Luckily, I packed some DōTerra DigestZen Softgels from Flourish Essentials! I’m not kidding when I said I was lucky to have these. Not even thirty minutes after taking one of these softgels, my queasiness would subside and I could focus on actually enjoying the culinary experiences. Hallelujah! There was no way I wasn’t going to enjoy an 11 course Thai cooking class.

Ginger, peppermint, caraway, anise… just a few of the many digestive supporting herbs you need for a healthy gut. I loved these so much, I even made sure I packed them in my carry on on the way home.

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BK Naturals | Natural Laundry Powder + Stain Stick

If there’s anything as certain as death and taxes, it would also be dirty laundry. And when your on vacation, there’s no exception. We hopped around a lot of hotels on this trip, which made my oversized bags quite annoying. Which means, I should have packed less I know! But even so, I still managed enough dirty clothes that I needed to do a load of laundry to have something to wear. I think I even ended up washing everything my husband packed!



And there was NO way I was paying the 60 dollars the hotel wanted to charge. So I filled up our bathtub and added in some Natural Laundry Powder from BK Naturals. It worked marvelous, and I even got to hang dry the clothes in our closed off garden/ outdoor shower. Can I do laundry in paradise everyday please?

And for those quick refreshers, BK Naturals Stain Stick did the job. I must say I was a bit skeptical, (I’m a big fan of Oxy Clean) but whatever greasy stain Kris had on his shirt came out like a dream! You have converted me BK Naturals! And now made vacationing even cleaner, and less stinky. lol



Martina’s Soap Garden | Beautiful Flowers Bath Escape

Bali might be known for their flower baths, but Martina’s Soap Garden is known for her spa bath salts! Her Beautiful Flowers Bath Escape is truly an escape! A vacation essential that is as dreamy as it sounds and heavenly in its aroma. When I think of tropical oasis, I immediately think bath to my experience with these bath salts.


Unwind with pink Himalayan salts, garden rose petals, lavender and sage. Can you smell it already?


There and Back Vacation Essentials

There’s some items that seem to come with you on every trip. One’s that get you into the traveling sprit, and better yet seem to make the memories. These vacation essentials do just that.


Ava to Zoe | Customized Luggage Tags

What’s the one thing that gets you excited that your vacation is finally here? For me, it’s pulling out the luggage, and most recently putting these Customized Leather Luggage Tags from Ava to Zoe on them.


It felt just perfect to put “There and Back” on these his and hers luggage tags. A sweet memoir of all our past travels and hopes of our future ones. Customized on quality leather and hand stained, they’re a perfect vacation essential to surprise your traveling buddy with. There screw on handles also make it hard for any thief to quickly run off with them, a big plus when your zooming through busy cities on a tuk tuk.


Plaj | Premium Turkish Towels

It doesn’t matter if I’m headed to the beach or not, these Premium Turkish Towels from Plaj are making it into my suitcase! Eco-friendly, highly absorbent and lightweight to pack, I can’t imagine another vacation without them.

Use it as a blanket as you lounge, dry off after a dip in the pool or use it for your hair after a refreshing shower. I did it all.



Axle and Ash | My Bucketlist Book

We all have a bucket list, whether we actually have it written down or not. But we really should, especially when it’s as fun as writing in My Bucketlist Book by Axle and Ash.

I’ve been bringing this little black book on every vacation since I got it three years ago. It’s filled with hopes, dreams and memories. I can’t think of a better vacation essential to keep all those wonderful things close. Now I just have to figure out what to check of next!



15 Vacation Essentials Every Traveller Wants + Needs Conclusion

Well there you have it. A complete list of 15 items you will want to acquire for your next getaway. I hope you found this vacation essentials guide not only useful, but inspiring to get out and explore! There’s so much of the world to see, just do it.


15 Vacation Essentials Guide

TruWellness | Traveler Essential Oils Roller + Diffuser Necklace

Strings & Things | 100 % Cotton Crocheted His + Hers Eye Masks

Só Luxury | Muscle Salve and Mini Magnesium Oil Spray

K’ Pure | Keep Going Spray

Bella Wren | Mini Matt + Nat Backpack, Maui Jim Sunglasses and Jenny Bird Earrings

True Products | Fig + Flora Perfume Roller

Beautiful Bright Smile | Travel Teeth Whitening Kit

Little Rock Garden | Bug Buffer Natural Insect Repellent

Vosk Beeswax Products | Reusable Food Wraps

Flourish Essentials | DōTerra DigestZen Softgels

BK Naturals | Natural Laundry Powder & Stain Stick

Martina’s Soap Garden | Beautiful Flowers Bath Escape

Ava to Zoe | Customized Leather Luggage Tags

Plaj | Premium Turkish Towels

Axle and Ash | My Bucketlist Book


This post was sponsored by businesses listed in the vacation essential guide.

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