DIY dry erase notes - yogurt pancake bites

Yumbox School Lunch Surprise! Yogurt Pancake Bites + DIY Dry Erase Love Notes

#YesChefFavorites : Add Yogurt Pancake Bites to Your Bento Yumbox Lunch! Growing up in the states, we ate lunch in the cafeteria and ate cafeteria food. Yes, you could pack a lunch, but most of the time I ate what the lunch lady served. And I loved it! It was always different, and had a…

fall crafts for kids- fall haiku poem DIY- children's book craft

Fall Crafts for Kids | Leaf Art + Fall Haiku Poem DIY

Stop and Smell the… Leaves? Welcome Autumn with Two Fall Crafts for Kids It’s my favorite time of year! Hooray! Call me basic, but I love my PSL Lattes + cozy sweaters + crackling fire + and a good pumpkin patch. And you betcha that I’m encouraging a love for fall for my whole family.…

Bee Craft with Bees: A Honeyed History

DIY Bee Artwork | A Print Activity for Kids

We Are Buzzing About Bees With This Print Activity for Kids There’s a new buzz around here, and it’s our newfound fascination with bees! I’ve always made sure our gardens are bee friendly, but I’ve recently taken the next step into beekeeping and learning all I can to help these little guys out. And WOW…